Topcon Agriculture Prepares to Release Horizon 4.02

Topcon Agriculture's Horizon 4.02 will include Auto Turn and Steer to Boundary applications to help increase productivity.


Topcon Agriculture has announced the addition of new functions including Auto Turn and Steer to Boundary applications in its upcoming Horizon 4.02 operating system. 

The Auto Turn functionality is designed to offer optimized headland efficiency. 

“Multiple configuration options and the ability to select different field work patterns create the best path to use for increased field productivity,” says Fabio Isaia, CEO of Topcon Agriculture. “The new software enhances our guidance products in addition to integrating into our IoT platform, TAP. It also provides added control and allows XTEND to be used on the X25 too.”

The Steer to Boundary capabilities allow the user to create multiple guidance paths based upon an existing field boundary. “It immediately allows the operator to steer the first path around the field and achieve the benefits of Auto Guidance instantly,” says Isaia.

The console-to-console communication builds on the TAP foundation by using the capabilities of the Cloudlynk10 module to provide wireless data transfer between multiple X consoles. “This module, once attached to the console, allows users to share client information, guidance lines, implement profiles and jobs across vehicles in the same field,” says Isaia.