WABCO Displays Mobile Vehicle Intelligence at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018

WABCO will display innovations that are fundamental to operate safer and more efficient commercial vehicles within transportation ecosystems.

WABCO Holdings Inc., the leading global supplier of braking control systems and other advanced technologies that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, today announced that it will join IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018. WABCO will showcase how its industry-leading technologies are enabling original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and fleet operators to enhance their strategies for differentiation as the industry advances toward increasingly autonomous, connected and electric vehicles.

IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, which is one of the industry’s largest and most global trade shows, will take place in Hanover, Germany from September 20 to 27.

“At IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, WABCO will continue to display innovations that are fundamental to operate safer and more efficient commercial vehicles within our transportation ecosystems,” says Jacques Esculier, WABCO Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

“WABCO’s pioneering solutions are also helping to propel our industry toward a future where people and goods will be transported by fully autonomous, connected and electric vehicles,” says Esculier. “We sustain WABCO’s differentiation through our powerful ability to mobilize the increasing intelligence of trucks, buses and trailers by innovating and integrating critical technologies such as advanced driver assistance systems, vehicle dynamics control systems, sophisticated functions and data services to help realize this ambition.”

At IAA 2018, WABCO will also highlight a range of breakthrough products that leverage the connectivity onboard and between commercial vehicles. These onboard systems provide commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators with access to higher levels of functionality in vehicle automation as well as intelligent applications that can harness the rich streams of performance data to offer further business management insights and services.

“For decades, WABCO has gained recognition for our technology leadership through an unrivalled record of break-through innovations and our ability to globalize critical vehicle control systems towards autonomous driving of commercial vehicles,” says Esculier.

“WABCO’s technological advancements help trucks, buses and trailers to reliably sense their operating environment and process real-time, information that enables these vehicles to take the appropriate controlled actions while operating efficiently,” says Esculier. “This strategic domain is where we are applying WABCO’s extensive expertise and pursuing technology roadmaps as a valued development partner for OEM customers across the globe.”

WABCO’s ‘Mobilizing Vehicle Intelligence’

At IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, WABCO will demonstrate how it is powerfully “Mobilizing Vehicle Intelligence” to stay at the forefront of autonomous mobility innovation. WABCO is developing technologies to address key milestone functionality by integrating the complex control and fail-safe systems required to efficiently and safely govern vehicle dynamics at every stage of the vehicle’s journey – on the highway, in the city and at the depot.

WABCO will also display its industry-leading fleet management systems (FMS) which harness the digital connectivity and data provided by the vehicle’s onboard systems to provide a rich stream of real-time information about the vehicle’s health, location, driver behavior and productivity among other insights.

WABCO’s ‘Mobilizing Vehicle Intelligence’ to Advance Vehicle Autonomy and Road Safety

At IAA 2018, WABCO will unveil how it is applying its industry-leading expertise in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to achieve key technology milestones on the path toward higher levels of vehicle autonomy. Featured technology highlights will include:

WABCO Collision Mitigation Solutions – WABCO’s OnGuard is an industry-leading suite of scalable and modular collision mitigation solutions:

Utilizing the latest 77GHz radar featuring the commercial vehicle industry’s longest radar detection range and widest near-range field of view, OnGuardACTIVE, WABCO’s robust “All Season System,” can now provide up to full autonomous emergency braking on moving and stationery vehicles from a highway speed up to 80 km per hour – even in poor visibility conditions. WABCO is the first OEM-independent supplier to offer the benefits of a radar-only Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEBS) with this level of collision avoidance capability.

WABCO’s most advanced collision mitigation solution, OnGuardMAX, utilizes the advanced 77GHz radar sensor integrated with a new jointly developed Mobileye camera powered by its industry-leading EyeQ 4 chip. This system now further differentiates by offering collision mitigation by applying braking when pedestrians move in front of the vehicle when it is driving at speeds up to 20 km per hour.

WABCO Lane Keeping Solutions – WABCO’s OnLane is a suite of scalable and modular lane keeping solutions. At IAA 2018, the launch of OnLaneASSIST features WABCO’s unique active steering system intelligently integrated with Mobileye EyeQ 4 camera technology to offer the latest advancement in lane keeping assistance (LKA) functionality. This system actively intervenes to correct the vehicle’s driving path when unintended lane drifting is detected. A powerful aid to help avoid potential collisions and run-off-road accidents, OnLaneASSIST is a critical forerunner to fully autonomous driving capability.

WABCO Urban Driving Solutions – WABCO’s OnCity is a suite of active safety solutions for urban environments. OnCity will initially feature a robust, radar-based and easy to retrofit system to assist drivers during turning maneuvers in these settings, helping to prevent accidents with cyclists or pedestrians.

WABCO MAXX Air Disc Brakes – Air Disc Brakes (ADB) are an essential requirement for higher levels of vehicle autonomy. Unveiled at IAA 2018, this latest design of MAXX ADB represents the commercial vehicle industry’s first global, modular single-piston platform. As well as outperforming requirements for all major classes of commercial vehicles, including 30,000 Nm heavy-duty applications, its intelligent, patented low-drag-torque design increases fuel efficiency. Further demonstrating the advantages of WABCO’s single-piston ADB technology, the new MAXX platform powerfully masters taper wear compensation with a superior patented design suitable for all truck and trailer applications, including the most heavy-duty truck requirements, helping to extend brake pad life.

WABCO’s ‘Mobilizing Vehicle Intelligence’ to Empower Tomorrow’s Fleets

WABCO will also unveil several new products to demonstrate how it is leveraging the increasing connectivity onboard vehicles, between vehicles and with other infrastructure hubs. These new performance-monitoring applications and driver-assistance functions are fully integrated into WABCO’s industry-leading portfolio of fleet management systems. At IAA 2018, WABCO is also showcasing its latest fleet management solution: WABCO TRAXEE – Specifically designed for small- and medium-sized fleets, TRAXEE supports the most business critical fleet management functions to help these fleets access higher levels of operational efficiency.

WABCO’s ‘Mobilizing Vehicle Intelligence’ Toward a Greener World

Among WABCO’s extensive portfolio of technologies that increase the fuel-efficiency of trucks, buses and trailers, WABCO is also unveiling technology breakthroughs to support the increasing demand for electric commercial vehicles. These highlights include:

WABCO eTrailer – WABCO will present its new electric trailer equipped with an electric motor and its associated control system – named eTrailer – which marks the commercial vehicle industry’s first prototype that uniquely connects truck and trailer vehicle controls. WABCO’s industry-leading eTrailer prototype uses an intelligent electric motor control to recuperate electric energy during braking, which can then be reutilized to power the vehicle’s traction or to operate onboard electric auxiliaries. Commercial fleet operators will be able to connect eTrailer to a truck equipped with WABCO’s intelligent braking and stability control systems, which could maximize operating efficiency of the truck-trailer combination. In addition, WABCO estimates that its eTrailer could deliver fuel savings up to 20 percent on short-haul routes and up to 10% for long-haul routes.