John Deere Introduces AutoPath for More Accurate Row Guidance

AutoPath automatically creates guidance lines from a map of crop row lines for each field.

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John Deere Ag and Turf Division
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To help producers more accurately document and follow each row of crops in fields throughout the season, John Deere introduces AutoPath. This new precision ag application uses data collected from the first pass in the field, either planting or strip-till, to establish precise row guidance for all subsequent field passes, no matter the machine type or width of the equipment.

According to John Mishler, Precision Ag Marketing Manager for John Deere, traditional guidance line setup can be a challenge for some customers during the season. “When using AutoPath, guidance lines are automatically created from a map of crop row lines for each field. These mapped row lines are used to automatically create guidance lines for the entire field for all other in-field passes, such as spraying, nutrient application or harvesting operations, later in the year,” Mishler said. “Using this solution, operators know which rows to start on and can precisely follow the auto-generated guidance lines, regardless of the field application or machine width. This increases operator confidence in being on the right row and the efficiency of field operations throughout the growing season and harvest.”

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During the first field pass the planter or strip-till implement and tractor are equipped with StarFire Receivers to precisely record the location of each row with AutoPath. Thus, subsequent field passes are based upon actual documented row location rather than a static AB Line which may or may not actually represent the planted row due to implement drift on side hills or around curves. This reduces guidance line setup time and line management when starting all subsequent field operations in standing crops, eliminates the need for counting rows, optimizes all field operations and helps reduce crop damage.

“Operators can use implements and platforms of different sizes or widths for subsequent field operations since AutoPath automatically adjusts the row guidance lines based on each machine’s size,” Mishler adds. “It helps operators automatically find the right row, maximize each field pass to help reduce overlaps and damage to standing crops while saving time, fuel and equipment hours.”

AutoPath is included in the John Deere Generation 4 Automation bundle and available for either the 4600 CommandCenter Integrated Display or the 4640 Universal Display. It’s available for use on tractors, sprayers and combines, and can be incorporated with active and passive implement guidance systems for planters, nutrient applicators, and other field equipment.

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