RX510 and RX610 High-Precision GNSS Receivers

TeeJet announces the release of its RX510 and RX610 high-precision GNSS receivers.

Teejet Rx610withremote Antenna 10736991
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TeeJet Technologies announces the availability of high-precision GNSS receivers for use in the most demanding ag applications. The RX510 is compatible with OmniSTAR XP, HP and G2 services for 4 in. to 6 in. pass-to-pass accuracy while the RX610 features an internal cellular modem for use with CORS/Network RTK signals providing 1 to 2 in. pass-to-pass accuracy and year-to-year repeatability.

  • Well suited for applications requiring high levels of accuracy such as strip-tillage, controlled traffic patterns and high-precision auto-steer
  • Utilizes integrated receiver and antenna packaged in a single, rugged enclosure for easy installation and long-term durability
  • Compatible with both GPS and GLONASS constellations and supports WAAS and EGNOS differential correction signals
  • Uses ClearPath technology for consistent performance during periods of spotty DGPS coverage such as heavy tree cover or poor satellite geometries
  • Features compatibility with all TeeJet and many third party guidance systems
  • RX610 is factory configured for either GSM or CDMA signal to support cellular provider of choice
  • Optional quick release mounting bracket is available for both receivers for secure mounting and easy transfer between vehicles
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