Bremen Castings Sets Up Free On-Site Health Clinic for Employees and Their Families

Bremen Castings will open a free on-sited clinic in mid-November for its employees and their families.

Bremen Castings Inc. is upping the ante on personalized healthcare. They have plans to open an on-site health clinic in mid-November. This new health care center will be open 45 hours throughout the week and will cater to over 600 employees of Bremen. The insured and dependents will receive free care from an on-site doctor, nurse practitioner, RN and medical assistant. 

The clinic is a cash-free clinic, meaning that employees and dependents can receive free generic prescriptions and care for anyone ages three and up. The clinic itself will be around 2,500 square feet and can accommodate around three employees per hour. President JB Brown notes, “I’ve wanted to establish an on-site clinic for a long time. I think the benefits to offering something in our backyard for our employees and their families is just another way to show our appreciation for their hard work. The cost of health care continues to rise; this option allows access to free care and free medication for our employees throughout the week.”

In addition to free health services, the nurse practitioner on-site will be working with employees one-on-one with various wellness programs. Each week, employees can receive a customized plan and meeting with the nurse practitioner that can aid in treating diabetes, cholesterol and other health-related issues.