Acme Metal Spinning offers custom designed wheel rims for off-road vehicles

Acme Metal Spinning uses advanced metal spinning processes to provide customers in the off-road industry wheel rim components to meet various application needs.

6837 Acme Pr

Wheel rim components made of 3/4-inch steel plate in diameters of 40 inches and larger for use on tractors and other off-highway vehicles are fabricated by Acme Metal Spinning.

Available in quantities of five to a few hundred or more, these wheel rim components are fabricated using Acme’s advanced metal spinning processes. These processes are faster and less costly than conventional forging methods usually used to manufacture wheel rims. Which results in quick and on-time delivery of parts.

Custom designed wheel rims for off road vehicles require extreme rigidity and close tolerances that the metal spinning process easily delivers. Through their years of experience fabricating vehicle wheel rim components Acme has developed the proven expertise needed to manufacture these parts. Acme’s metal spinning capabilities provide the opportunity to design any number of wheel disc profiles in steel thicknesses to 3/4 in. and produce a custom design quickly in relatively small quantities. By producing the wheel rims from steel blanks, Acme can often reduce the number of time-consuming secondary operations to achieve the desired custom design.

Typical custom Acme wheel rim applications include utility vehicles, tractors, wagons, skid steers, harvesters, grain carts, forestry equipment, fertilizer spreaders, combines and more. The company's knowledge allows it to easily find a solution to even the most complex wheel rim designs.

Acme Metal Spinning produces parts on a variety of specially designed CNC equipment which include 100 horsepower two-roller spinning systems and a full range of hand, hydraulic and CNC controlled spinning lathes, trimming and beading machines.

To facilitate fast part design and production, Acme maintains a large inventory of tools. In addition to helping keep tool costs low, Acme’s tooling often can be modified easily to develop prototype wheel rims to test market a design or to accommodate a design change.

Acme Metal Spinning also provides secondary value-added operations which include beading, trimming, hole making, circle shearing and flanging (in/out). These operations can enhance the part design without the need for an additional source.