Curry Supply to produce 2,500 gallon articulated water trucks

Curry Supply is partnering with Hydrema US to produce 2,500 gallon articulated water trucks that will have a low profile for use in various industries including underground mining.

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Curry Supply Company has teamed up with Hydrema US Inc. to produce 2,500 gallon articulated water trucks on a Hydrema chassis.

These new low-profile off-highway trucks are designed for use in a variety of industry applications including underground and surface mining, oil and gas, forestry and construction. The low profile makes these vehicles ideal when working on rough to normal terrain where low operating height is a concern, or where unstable ground conditions are a factor.

"We are excited to introduce our newest articulated water truck," says Jeff Shaw, Sales Manager. "This product is a testament to our willingness – and ability – to innovate and engineer modified designs for specialty markets."

The Hydrema articulated water truck complements the Curry Supply Off-Road Water Truck line of products. With the addition of this new product, Curry Supply offers off-road articulated water trucks with 2,500 to 20,000 gallon water tanks.

All Curry Supply off-road articulated water trucks feature a low center of gravity, a no-weld tank mounting design, an interior tank coating that exceeds industry standards, and an interlocking baffle design for durability. Custom options are available.

"Our product development time is fairly short," says Shaw. "Because we design, build, assemble, and test all in house we can streamline the entire manufacturing process. Such is the case with this new product."