SAME Frutteto S ActiveDrive receives Tractor of the Year 2016 award

The SAME Frutteto S ActiveDrive received at Tractor of the Year 2016 award in the "Best of Specialized" category at Agritechnica 2015.

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SAME Frutteto S ActiveDrive was awarded the “Best of Specialized” prize in the Tractor of the Year 2016 awards.

This prize, awarded each year by a panel of 23 journalists from Europe's most important agricultural machinery publications, acknowledged the SAME Frutteto S ActiveDrive as the best tractor in the specialized category. For SAME, this prestigious accolade is further confirmation of its leadership in the vineyard and fruit orchard tractor segment.

The high technology, highly specialized new SAME Frutteto S ActiveDrive range stands clearly apart from its rivals. A tractor designed for extraordinary agility even when working between the most closely spaced rows and in poor terrain conditions.

The Frutteto S ActiveDrive uses technology seen previously only on premium tractors: with independent front suspension increasing stability and safety in all terrain conditions. Equally innovative, however, is the integrated, coordinated functionality of all hydraulic and electronic systems, to offer levels of control precision unlike anything else in this class.

Two hydraulic cylinders, the linkages between the two independent front suspension arms and the front axle carrier, two speed sensors, two position sensors, a steering sensor and three nitrogen accumulators work together to ensure smooth suspension action for a safe, comfortable drive in all surface conditions. The electronic system analyzes the motion and speed of the pistons together with tractor speed and steering angle data. This keeps the suspension ideally levelled independently of the load on the front axle, allowing the suspension itself to make use of all the entire damping travel available to ensure effective anti-roll control.

Braking performance also benefits from the new independent suspension system. The anti-dive function prevents the front suspension from diving and causing the center of gravity to shift forwards, improving both stability and safety.

The extraordinary capabilities of the new Frutteto S ActiveDrive make it a dependable working partner for the professional needing superior grip and stability to tackle every working day in complete safety and comfort.

The choice of five different engines from 80 hp (3 cylinders) to 110 hp (4 cylinders) covers an extensive power range to cater for the needs of a wide variety of applications.

Frutteto ActiveDrive tractors are available as both S versions for fruit orchards with narrow rows and V versions for vineyards.