DragonHide Heavy-Duty Polyurea Protective Coatings

PPG introduces its DragonHide heavy-duty coating made from polyurea, enabling the coating to better withstand impact, chipping and abrasion.

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PPG Industries’ industrial coatings business has added DragonHide heavy-duty coatings to its lineup of polyurea-based protective coatings for trucks, commercial vehicles, heavy-duty equipment and other demanding applications.

  • Available in eight standard colors with color matching as well as with non-slip aggregate
  • Elastomeric nature helps withstand more impact, chipping, abrasion and gouging
  • Proprietary resin blend and patented cross-linker enable rapid curing, making it more tolerant to moisture during the curing process
  • Rapid curing allows application on the production line or in the field with a reduced risk of defects caused by moisture and humidity
  • Nonflammable, and free of VOCs and HAPs due to solvent-free composition 
  • Eliminates need to bake parts after coatings are applied, which reduces energy use during the coating process


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