PPG Introduces Secure Launch Excellence Process

PPG has introduced its Secure Launch Excellence process, as well as a brochure highlighting the proprietary four-phase process for developing new coatings.

PPG Industries’ industrial coatings business has published a brochure highlighting its new Secure Launch Excellence process, a proprietary four-phase process created by PPG to accelerate the development of new coatings colors and formulations.

The brochure details how PPG guides customers through four distinct and highly structured product development stages, from documenting customer requirements in Phase I through product commercialization and evaluation in Phase IV. The goal of the Secure Launch Excellence process is not only to speed up the development of new coatings but also to transition them quickly and seamlessly into customer manufacturing processes.

In addition to describing the Secure Launch Excellence process, the brochure highlights PPG’s global sales, technical service and problem-solving capabilities as well as the numerous industries PPG serves, from automotive and consumer electronics to architectural, industrial and heavy-duty equipment applications.