Lincoln Industries ThermoLinc Genesis Thermal Insulating Coating

ThermoLinc Genesis thermal coating from Lincoln Industries is lightweight and pliable, and can be applied over complex geometries.

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Lincoln Industries offers its ThermoLinc Genesis thermal insulating coating.

  • Features protective properties for service temperatures from -40-200 C (-40-392 F)    
  • Lightweight, pliable and able to expand and contract with changes in the substrate
  • Provides thermal and corrosion under insulation (CUI) protection
  • Chemically resistant, highly durable, easily repairable
  • Offers impact and abrasion resistance
  • Various shades are available
  • Can be applied over complex geometries for use in wide variety of applications
  • Applications include EGR components, engine manifolds, exhaust pipes, header pipes, industrial piping, fire wall and cab housing
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