Carbodeon EN-PTFE Nanodiamond Composite Coating

Carbodean has developed an electroless nickel, PTFE and nanodiamond composite coating which improves abrasive wear resistance and has a 30% better Taber Wear Index.

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Nanodiamond material specialist Carbodeon of Finland has worked with metal finishing specialist CCT Plating of Germany to develop an electroless nickel, PTFE and nanodiamond composite coating.

  • Electroless nickel-PTFE (EN-PTFE) coatings provide excellent anti-adhesive and low friction properties
  • Combining NanoDiamond particles with EN-PTFE coating improves abrasive wear resistance without compromising sliding or release properties  
  • Nanodiamond material consists of small, spherical diamond nanoparticles which are specially treated to make them disperse in coating liquids and carry a positive electrical charge on their surfaces
  • Features Taber Wear Index 30% better than equivalent EN-PTFE coatings
  • Can be heat treated, bringing Taber Wear Index down to 14 or lower
  • Coefficient of friction matches existing EN-PTFE systems – less than 0.2 when measured against steel counterparts
  • No increase in wear of counterpart
  • Process contains no hexavalent chromium, making it environmentally friendly and free of complex regulations
  • Low diamond content makes affordable and easy to apply
  • Applications include automotive components including engine parts, chassis parts and body mechanisms; plastics forming molds including complex structures, moving cores and slides; military applications requiring hard wearing and lubricant-free operations
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