Semcon Partnering with EDRMedeso on Digital Twin Development

The partnership will enable Semcon to increase its focus on digital services and better develop advanced technologies.

Creating virtual copies of physical products offers great opportunities for future product development. Semcon is now entering a new partnership with EDRMedeso, which develops and sells software for design, development and simulation. 

“We are very pleased that EDRMedeso is becoming one of our partners in digital twin development. Together with our extensive expertise in product development, we can offer digital solutions at the very cutting edge of technology with a clear user focus,” says Markus Granlund, CEO of Semcon.

When a virtual copy is created and can be connected with a physical product in real time, it increases understanding of how the product is used and can be used. A better understanding of how the product’s components affect its function and service life also means that changes can be made immediately to maximize performance or to plan service. Digital twins can also be used in various processes, such as in Industry 4.0 to digitally model a production line before it is built.

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“The possibilities of digital twins are virtually infinite. Using digital twins all the way from conceptualization to aftermarket offers a unique opportunity to optimize the product and process. It makes it possible to both save money and customize the solution for the end user,” says Marcus Berggren, Area Manager Simulation & Digital Twins at Semcon.

The partnership in digital twins was launched in June 2019 and is part of Semcon’s increased focus on digital services. The goal is to start the first project with EDRMedeso during the autumn.

”The technology platform we have developed has already attracted great attention and through the collaboration with Semcon new opportunities to implement digital twins for both new and existing customers are created”, says Henrik Bexelius, Key Account Manager at EDRMedeso.

Semcon’s offering in digital services

Semcon’s new Digital Services division has front-line expertise in areas such as autonomous solutions, simulation, electrification, User Experience (UX), Digital Experience (DX) and smart AI algorithms in both embedded and cloud environments, which creates a unique offering for digital twins, servitization, advanced digital product development and more.