Comet Solutions now offering Cloud-based SimApps

Comet Solutions' Simulation Applications will now be available via the Cloud, making it easier for users to access the simulation data within these applications.

Comet Solutions Inc., the innovative provider of Simulation Applications (SimApps) for simulation-driven design, announces the availability of Cloud-based SimApps. By capturing and embedding the experience of senior analysts, SimApps allow simulations to be run more easily, consistently and safely. Comet SimApps are delivering measurable gains in productivity, cost savings, quality and innovation for leading aerospace, automotive and industrial companies.  

Comet is broadening access by offering its SimApps via the Cloud. This not only makes CAE expertise accessible to all manufacturers; but also it combines high performance computing resources with SimApps for a very powerful, scalable simulation solution. Today Comet announces it is working with Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) via the OSC AweSim initiative, its founding partners including Kinetic Vision and other engineering service providers to make SimApps available to its customers. 

OSC AweSim Program

The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) AweSim program is the world's first comprehensive simulation-driven design solution for small to medium-sized businesses. By delivering unique manufacturing-domain expertise, sophisticated simulation software, powerful computing and data storage, AweSim is an example of how the Cloud is supporting the changing needs of manufacturing. Comet Solutions is supporting the AweSim initiative by making its solution-specific SimApps available to AweSim subscribers in need of advanced CAE expertise.  

“In the past, access to expert simulation results was largely reserved for manufacturers with the budget and resources to support such activities. By leveraging the Cloud, high performance computing centers are bridging the gap by allowing manufacturers of all sizes to tap advanced technologies on an as-needed basis. Comet completes the picture by putting easy-to-use applications at the front end of HPC resources for a breakthrough in providing all manufacturers with expert simulation results,” says Comet President & CEO Dan Meyer.

“In launching AweSim, OSC recognized the potential for Cloud-based applications to transform the experience of CAE in the Cloud. Comet brings to AweSim a rapid application authoring capability. It also provides truly robust applications, which can readily be used across a range of geometries, thus making Comet-based SimApps highly practical for Cloud usage. Bway Corporation is a recent example of how manufacturers are taking advantage of the world-class HPC center at OSC. Utilizing a Cloud-based application, Bway is able to submit, analyze and compare a number of design iterations to quickly identify the optimum product design before cutting steel on a mold. The company is accelerating time-to-market by employing Cloud-based simulation to eliminate a number of iterations. Additionally, reducing the amount of steel cutting is generating savings of $5,000 to $40,000. We are naturally excited to be working with Comet to put expert CAE results in the hands of Ohio’s manufacturers,” comments OSC Director of AweSim Dr. Alan Chalker.

“Building and deploying SimApps in the Cloud requires combining expert knowledge with engineering software and advanced computing infrastructure. Traditionally this type of development was highly complex, with long development timeframes, usually delivering difficult-to-maintain expert-only tools. Comet Solutions and AweSim provide the high level development tools and infrastructure to efficiently build and maintain SimApps designed for a broad community of users,” says Jeremy Jarrett, Kinetic Vision Vice President.