EPLAN Harness proD Version 2.6

EPLAN Harness proD version 2.6 software features an open interface for collaboration between mechanical and electrical engineers.

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The EPLAN Harness proD version 2.6 is intuitive 3D/2D software that covers all of today´s requirements for convenient, high quality wiring and wire harness engineering.

  • New features include enhanced automatic wire dimensioning and intuitive routing of wires with predefined lengths
  • Open interfaces allow for true collaboration between mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Delivers improvements in handoff of design data to manufacturing drawings, such as integrating 2D wire drawings
  • Allows automatic dimensioning, saving time and ensuring accurate results
  • Stripping lengths and wire coatings also can be defined in design phase, and professionally depicted in manufacturing drawings, providing users quick and comprehensive overview of projects
  • Provides easier means of calculating wire lengths
  • During design process, current and targeted length are shown precisely and users can see at a glance how wires can be optimally routed, reducing variations
  • Additional functions for creation of wiring units allow elements to be grouped together and for assignment of component numbers to wiring units
  • Connection to MCAD and ECAD ensures continuous workflow between electrical and mechanical engineering
  • EPLAN ECAD projects can be transferred directly into wire harness software
  • Central parts management supports integrated data storage for all Platform products including Harness ProD, so users need only maintain master data in one system 
  • Supports all industries in which wiring and wire harnesses must be routed
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