EPLAN Cogineer Software

The EPLAN Cogineer software helps users save large amounts of design time by quickly generating complete electro-technical documentation, and will be debuted at Hannover Messe 2017.

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EPLAN is launching EPLAN Cogineer, a software package that generates schematics automatically.

  • Suitable for projects of any size
  • Can save huge amounts of engineering time – days or even weeks – in large or complex projects with many schematics
  • Just one click can generate complete electro-technical documentation
  • Ensures error-free implementation of all defined rules and structures, guaranteeing high quality documentation and potentially shortening entire order fullfilment timeline
  • Fully integrated into EPLAN Platform shared by EPLAN Electric P8 and other EPLAN software products
  • Allows users to create project data in EPLAN Electric P8, and then generate schematics using that data in EPLAN Cogineer without any duplication of effort
  • Provides 100% data continuity from design to construction, enabling users to precisely process customer projects without delay
  • Designed to be easily deployable tool for occasional users and power users alike
  • Does not require long learning curve
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Expert knowledge about configuration or variant management isn´t required, just standard knowledge of how to use macros
  • Mechatronic rulebook and configuration interfaces can be put together intuitively – and quickly – without knowledge of any high-level programming languages

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