Maple IDE

Maplesoft introduces Maple IDE, an integrated development environment for Maple programming language.

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Maplesoft announces the addition of Maple IDE to the Maple product family. The Maple IDE, powered by DigiArea Inc., is an integrated development environment for the Maple programming language that improves productivity by providing advanced tools for writing and managing Maple projects. 

  • Offers customized industry-standard environment for medium- to large-scale Maple development projects
  • Provides built-in knowledge of mathematical data structures and concepts, support for writing multi-threaded, parallel programs as well as a library of existing commands and algorithms
  • Simplifies creation, management and updating libraries of Maple code 
  • Enables quick browsing and searching through source hierarchies, automatic highlighting and formatting based on syntactic and semantic properties of the code, navigation, testing and more
  • Assists developers in writing, updating, maintaining and understanding code, so projects can be completed faster with fewer errors, and later enhancements can be made more easily
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