Mechanical Simulation Corp. TruckSim 2019.1

Mechanical Simulation releases the latest version of its vehicle dynamics software TruckSim 2019.1 which includes enhancements to math models and visualization tools.

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Mechanical Simulation Corporation announces the release of TruckSim 2019.1 vehicle dynamics software.

  • Features major enhancements to math models, visualization tools, database and overall architecture
  • Makes it easy to simulate tests and evaluate performance of vehicles that don’t yet exist, or to cover conditions that are difficult or too dangerous to handle with physical testing
  • Can be used as a vehicle platform for testing advanced chassis system controllers developed with other software, such as Simulink from The MathWorks 
  • Improvements in the math models include extending tire model to handle asymmetric data or increasing number of add-on features such as sensors, payloads, etc
  • Features increased number of roads and target paths to support development of ADAS and autonomous driving technologies
  • Plotting tool has been replaced with VS Visualizer to generate videos for simulated cameras, synchronizing plots and videos
  • Ability to synchronize multiple camera views and multiple plots speeds up process of understanding complicated 3D behavior of vehicle
  • Compatible with PLM software management systems
  • Offers improved data transfer between engineering groups
  • Provides multi-port interface between TruckSim and Simulink to simplify integration for engineers working with several Simulink models in the same simulation environment 
  • Includes support for electric and hybrid powertrains as part of the built-in model options
  • Built-in modules expanded to now support electric-only powertrains 





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