Technology News Tracker: Digital Twins are Changing the Design Landscape

According to Arnold Free, the Chief Commercial Officer at CM Labs Simulations Inc., a trending demand from design engineers is the development of digital twins, which are virtual representations of products.

A digital twin is a realistic model for fast and accurate testing to ensure any design issues are addressed before hitting the production floor, lowering the risks involved with machine-level system integration.

Utilizing a model-driven digital twin for performing machine-level integration testing can reduce integration time by 75%, lower project cost overruns by at least half, if not altogether, and helps develop better control strategies.

“The digital twin will deliver new levels of product knowledge to both equipment designers and fleet operators. It’s a win-win for both OEMs and end-clients,” says Free.

To learn more about the digital twin and other changes underfoot in the software industry, check out the July/August issue of OEM Off-Highway.