Industrial Videoscope

Offered in four standard models, the TVM Series can be used for manufacturing quality control and many other applications.

Titan Tool Videoscope
Titan Tool Supply
Titan Tools Since1952edit

Titan Tool Supply announced its TVM Series of handheld industrial videoscopes. Offered in four standard models, TVM Series industrial videoscopes provide remote visual inspection and diagnostic capabilities across an array of applications. All videoscope models feature a 4.3-inch monitor and user-friendly button technology.

Individual models are further offered with a choice of either a 4.5-millimeter or 6.2- millimeter diameter cable, and either a 1.5-meter or 3-meter working cable length. All cabling includes tungsten braided sleeving for added durability and reliability within dirty or harsh industrial applications.

The mechanical joystick incorporated into each videoscope is designed for ease of operator control. It offers full, 360-degree, four-way articulation. Typical applications for these videoscopes include: 

  • Manufacturing quality control
  • Aviation MRO
  • Automotive service inspections
  • Casting inspections
  • Cavity inspections
  • Diesel and gasoline engine repair
  • Locomotive maintenance
  • Ship maintenance
  • Industrial machinery and equipment monitoring
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