Brushless DC Fans and Blowers

AMETEK's brushless DC fans and blowers are designed to provide 40,000 hours of service life while operating in heavy-duty vehicles.

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Brushless DC fans and blowers available from AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products, Inc. are engineered to deliver up to 40,000 hours of service life in high airflow applications for heavy-duty transit buses, construction vehicles, and off-highway equipment. 

  • Offers multi-speed aerodynamic performance well suited for A/C condensers, radiator cooling, and exhaust systems
  • Incorporates electronically commutated brushless DC motors
  • Provides virtually maintenance-free operation over time by eliminating brush maintenance and associated brush motor failure
  • Medium- and heavy-duty motor construction meets demanding transit bus and construction equipment requirements
  • Multiple or variable speeds can be achieved without use of dropping resistors
  • Options include capability to allow for up to four distinct speed settings
  • Lightweight molded plastic construction imparts durability
  • Users can specify environmentally resistant designs to withstand potential damage from exposure to natural elements
  • Four standard fan and blower models are offered in various input voltages (12V DC and 24V DC) 
  • Airflow can exceed 1900 CFM for fans and 900 CFM for blowers, depending on style
  • Complete metal construction blower for high-temperature and extreme environments is also available
  • Customizable to satisfy particular application requirements
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