Nissens AluXchanger Brazed Aluminum Plate Heat Exchanger

Nissens Cooling Solutions' AluXchanger heat exchanger provides higher efficiency through the use of aluminum material which is a better thermal conductor compared to other materials.

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The brazed aluminum plate heat exchanger, AluXchanger, from Nissens Cooling Solutions offers distinct advantages over traditional shell-and-tube heat exchangers and stainless steel stacked plate heat exchangers.

  • Features lower weight, higher efficiency and improved corrosion resistance
  • Can be customized according to customers' specifications
  • Customers can specify length and stack-height dimensions, connection options and circuit diversities
  • Provides higher efficiency through use of aluminum, which is better thermal conductor than stainless steel
  • Patented internal turbulation technology improves heat transfer in a smaller package
  • Free of copper and nickel which are potentially harmful materials
  • Use of aluminum material enables recycling with no waste and zero need for material disposal
  • Requires a lower flow through the heat exchanger, thus reducing the need for a higher flow pump
  • Uses include fuel cell cooling, transmission cooling, and hydraulic cooling
  • Replaces shell-and-tube designs by offering improved heat transfer capabilities in smaller, more cost effective package
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