BorgWarner Exhaust Gas Recirculation Coolers

BorgWarner has introduced a family of four EGR coolers for a range of engine sizes with 2.0-16.0 L displacement.

Modular Compact Floating Core Egr Cooler Series
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To support commercial vehicle manufacturers in meeting current and future emissions regulations, BorgWarner has developed an economical series of multi-platform exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers featuring a compact floating core.

  • Modular design
  • Includes four highly adaptable standard designs for maximum flexibility
  • Covers wide range of engine sizes from 2.0-16.0 L displacement
  • Offers high robustness against thermal fatigue
  • Enhanced coolant distribution provides durable performance even with minimum coolant flow, while reducing NOX emissions
  • Features hybrid tube heat transfer technology and floating inner core
  • Resists high levels of thermal load
  • Integrated thermomechanical damper facilitates complete decoupling of shell and inner core components to absorb longitudinal and angular differences for improved durability
  • Damper also provides some initial extra cooling for inlet gas to reduce thermal shock and allows better gas distribution to tubes to resist thermal fatigue
  • Inlet gas box temperature is kept below 392 F (200 C) when system is operated at exhaust gas temperature of 1,562 F (850 C), compared to more than 1,292 F (700 C) without cooling
  • Minimizes effect of engine transients over EGR cooler's durability
  • Allows standardization of most of the components from one application to another, with exception of housing and mounting fixtures, resulting in maximum adaptability for robust, tailor-made solutions and high cost-efficiency
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