LTB Two-Barrel Carburetor

Walbro introduces the LTB two-barrel carburetor for small machines with quick-turning capabilities.

Walbroltb 10259661

Walbro Engine Managment introduces its LTB two-barrle carburetor. The carburetor is designed for 20 to 30 hp, twin cylinder engines used in zero turn radius mowers, large garden tractors and even Amazon river boats.

  • Features carfully located fuel pickup, accurate fuel control and precise throttle positioning
  • Improves part throttle stability and load pickup to eliminate hesitation and stumbling
  • Ensures optimal airflow for highest possible horsepower
  • Two-barrel design allows each cylinder to be individually calibrated
  • Reduces overall exhaust emissions
  • Features tamper proof adjustments and easy servicability
  • Meets EPA and CARB standards


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