Liebherr Common Rail System 11.2 with Top Feed Pressure Injection

At Agritechnica 2015, Liebherr introduced the latest version of its common rail system featuring top feed pressure injection to enable the use of other rail and pressure line positioning options.

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Liebherr introduces its common rail injection system 11.2 which is available in a top feed installation version.

  • Top feed design features connections for pressure lines at the top of the injectors, making it possible to use other rail and pressure line positioning options
  • Includes enlarged nozzle variant with maximum nozzle flow rate of 2,200 ml/30 seconds
  • Nozzle diameter is 9 mm instead of 7 mm
  • Provides customers more flexibility for system integration and use in applications with specific requirements
  • Side feed or top feed version can be selected depending on  engine geometry and available installation space
  • Covers performance range of 120 to about 800 kW, in exceptional cases even up to 1,000 kW
  • Includes 2-cylinder inline pump with oil-lubricated crankcase delivering up to 300 l of fuel per hour at 2,200 bar
  • Injectors supply maximum full load injection volume of 300 mg with steady multi-point injection
  • Nozzles can be adapted to required engine performance from a broad flow rate range
  • Free of permanent leakage, resulting in a reduction of the amount of fuel returned to the tank and the thermal energy associated with it which minimizes need for additional cooling system
  • Remaining switch leakage is less than 40 ml/min under full load
  • Three-way control valve enables adaptation of the needle opening speed to each individual engine and, at the same time, realizes an extremely fast closing process of injector needle, enabling good balance between best possible combustion and lowest possible consumption
  • Injector does not have a throttle point between the high pressure connection and the injector needle seat in order to avoid flow losses
  • Additional large fuel reservoir volume (mini-rail) in the injector minimizes pressure loss from the inlet to the injector seat during injection, reducing mean drive performance requirement of the high pressure pump 
  • High pressure pump lubricated with oil as opposed to fuel to make service life independent of fuel quality
  • Optimized lubrication allows for sturdy mounting and relatively high system pressures to be achieved even at low speeds
  • Design of pressurisation pump enables use of inner rotor (G-rotor) featuring high suction, particularly in start-up phase
  • Main delivery pump with eccentric drive contributes towards smooth operation
  • Meets requirements of emissions guidelines Stage IV and Tier 4 Final




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