TCD 4.1 Four-Cylinder Engine

The TCD 4.1 engine from DEUTZ is designed to meet the power needs of medium- and heavy-duty applications.

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For medium- and heavy-duty applications, DEUTZ has developed the four-cylinder TCD 4.1 engine. 

  • Conforms to EU Stage IV and U.S. Tier 4 emissions levels
  • Provides power range up to 115 kW and maximum torque of 610 Nm
  • Intelligent Heat Management System (HMS) regulates exhaust-gas temperature
  • Air in intake manifold is throttled while internal improvements to engine combine with EAT regulations to ensure high efficiency of DVERT SCR system and regeneration of DVERT particle  filter under any operating condition
  • Maintains fuel-economy advantage of previous model
  • Features compact design and low noise
  • Optional auxiliary PTOs offer flexibility for various applications
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