Hatz 4H50TIC Engine Powering Ladog Municipal Vehicles

The new Ladog T1250 uses the Hatz 4H50TIC which delivers 55 kW of power and 240 Nm of torque.

Hatz Ladog Range
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Work is carried out by the little orange helpers in cities and municipalities every day, sometimes under harsh conditions. They clean our pedestrian zones, sweep streets and pavements and clear snow. The working conditions require a particularly sophisticated design: they should not be affected by dirt, dust, rain, cold or salt. 

The little powerhouses by Ladog are full of the latest technology. The innovative H-Series four-cylinder diesel engine by Hatz provides the power and the necessary torque. 

Clean powerhouse

In 2015, Ladog developed a new municipal vehicle for universal use in accordance with the latest emissions regulations. High torque, low weight, small dimensions and additional power take-off are crucial to the engine selection for the new Ladog T1250. Ladog chose the Hatz 4H50TIC for a good reason. With only a 2 L cubic capacity, the engine delivers over 55 kW of power thanks to the latest turbocharger technology in combination with the Bosch off-highway common-rail injection system. The engine provides a torque of 240 Nm over a wide engine speed range of 1,600-2,100 rpm – plenty of power for the hydraulic drive system. Hatz 4 H50 Tic

Optimum vehicle construction

The small dimensions and the low weight offer advantages: The engine can be installed centrally and deep within the vehicle chassis. This saves space and also keeps the centre of gravity low. The power is equally important. Whatever the tool, such as a snow plough, sweeper or pressure washer, the Hatz four-cylinder engine has enough reserves to master all imaginable tasks in the urban and industrial environment. 

In addition, it is clean and quiet, which especially pleases pedestrians and residents.

Ladog T1250​

  • In accordance with the company motto, „Competitive edge through innovation“, the compact multi-purpose vehicle is made for the city centre – agile and powerful
  • Ladog offers a diverse selection of tools, from the road sweeper to transport options
  • Quiet and environmentally friendly Hatz engine for work in cities and municipalities

Hatz 4H50TIC

  • The readily available high torque of the Hatz H-series engine ensures adequate power for driving and tools
  • The compact dimensions allow for design freedom, even in tight spaces
  • The low weight of the Hatz H-series 4H50TIC provides additional vehicle load capacity