Hexagon Launches Hexagon Purus Business Division

Hexagon Purus will be a dedicated business division for the group-wide hydrogen activities and CNG light-duty vehicle activities.

The strong momentum towards global zero-emission economies is stimulating demand for Hexagon's clean mobility and storage solutions. To focus its pursuit of the growing market opportunities for renewable fuel solutions, Hexagon has launched Hexagon Purus, a dedicated business division for its group-wide Hydrogen activities and CNG Light-Duty Vehicle activities. 

Through Hexagon Purus, the company will continue to develop cutting-edge solutions working closely with supporting car, bus and truck manufacturers, fleet, rail and marine operators, gas distributors and refueling station operators.

"We strongly believe in the future of clean energy - and Hexagon Purus is our response to support this transition," says Michael Kleschinski, President of Hexagon Purus. "For us, Purus represents something new, pure and unique. We are clarifying and sharpening our clean energy focus. Hexagon Purus gives us the opportunity to do something different!"

The Hexagon Purus business division includes manufacturing, sales & marketing, R&D locations and personnel in Norway, Germany and USA. 

This week, industry executives and leaders from fuel cell, automobile and electronics manufacturers and energy related companies will have the opportunity to see Hexagon Purus' groundbreaking Hydrogen mobility and storage solutions at FC Expo 2019 in Tokyo, the world's largest hydrogen fuel cell show. Hexagon Purus will be showcasing its solutions at the trade fair together with its strategic partner Mitsui & Co., one of the largest trading companies in the world.

Hexagon experiences substantial activity in all segments of the hydrogen business and is involved in a number of hydrogen development projects ranging from vehicle tanks for cars, buses, ground storage, transportation, marine, rail and backup power solutions. In 2018, the company received two large OEM contracts for delivery of hydrogen tanks to new Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle models (FCEVs). These contracts show that the market is moving into large scale serial production and confirms Hexagon's strong competitive position in the market for hydrogen mobility solutions.