Momentum Fuel Technologies Introduces CNG Capacity Upgrades for Refuse Trucks

The new 120 diesel gallon equivalent tailgate system provides longer range, benefiting rural routes.

Innovation from Texas company Momentum Fuel Technologies means new fuel storage options are available for refuse fleets in the USA. The most significant offering is the largest capacity tailgate compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system available, a 120 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) tailgate system. 

The 120 DGE system provides the longest range in the industry, beneficial for longer rural routes common for refuse fleets.

Momentum’s product line has also expanded to include a front of body fuel system with up to 75 DGE capacity. The front of body system is integrated to the truck body, providing a clean, streamlined appearance and allowing for a tighter wheel base, an important feature for refuse trucks.

The company also recently launched a roof mount fuel system with 95 DGE capacity, which takes advantage of previously unused space in its 75 DGE system without enlarging the overall unit size.

“We are always looking for ways to provide innovative solutions to our customers, and the increased capacities in these fuel systems were designed and built to meet the unique needs of the refuse industry, says Mike Zimmerman, General Manager, Momentum Fuel Technologies. “With the 95 DGE roof mount, in particular, customers experience a direct cost savings by getting the range they need without having to mount an additional CNG tank on their truck.” 

Momentum has also launched a 95 DGE back of cab fuel system. Due to the increased fuel capacity of this unit, drivers and fleet managers have more fuel capacity in the same space. The 95 DGE back of cab fuel system is integrated with Momentum’s fuel management module, so the entire package can be installed faster and requires less frame space.

The advantages for this product line include innovative design, advanced safety features, installation expertise and the industry’s most comprehensive support network.

Momentum’s GreenLync 2.0 enhanced electronics communication system utilizes the most advanced proprietary technologies to provide valuable real-time information to drivers, fleet managers and technicians to effectively manage, diagnose and service CNG vehicles.