Agility Using Clean Vehicles for Internal Transportation Needs

The company will use its own CNG-powered Class 8 truck to haul cylinders, systems and parts between its various locations in the U.S.

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In support of Agility’s vision of clean air everywhere through sustainable transportation solutions, Agility is taking steps to adopt sustainable solutions for its own internal transportation needs. 

Agility will soon be utilizing its own CNG-powered Class 8 truck to haul cylinders, systems and parts between its Salisbury, North Carolina, Lincoln, Nebraska, and Fontana, California locations. Agility is also requesting its supply chain partners to prioritize clean fuels when hauling products on its behalf.

In addition, Agility is also taking steps to keep the air clean while moving its people. The company will be leasing a zero-emission hydrogen vehicle for use by visitors to its Costa Mesa headquarters office. Agility operates an internal fleet of medium-duty service and delivery trucks that run on propane, and since 2013, Agility’s Lincoln, NE, facility has owned a CNG-powered SUV for local transportation needs.

These efforts, when fully implemented, will reduce Agility’s carbon footprint by almost 2.3 million lbs. (1.04 metrics tons) of carbon dioxide equivalents each year, which is the equivalent of removing 220 passenger cars from the road. Agility’s first-year goal is to have all vehicles in place and to have 10% of internal transportation needs satisfied by clean fuels, which will reduce Agility’s carbon footprint by approximately 225,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide.

“Thanks to the creativity and energy of many members of the Agility team, we’re making real strides to reduce emissions in our operations,” says Seung Baik, President of Agility. “This is another good step that furthers our commitment to minimize waste and pollution, and to be good stewards of our planet.”