FPT Sees Potential for DME as Low-Emissions Fuel Option in Heavy-Duty Engines

Similarities to LPG and reduced emissions output make DME a feasible candidate for use in heavy-duty engines.


In this episode of OEM Industry Update we speak with Daniel Klein, Senior Engineer in Powertrain Innovation and Gilles Hardy, Senior Thermodynamic Engineer at FPT Industrial, about the company’s current testing of DME (dimethyl ether) as a fuel option in heavy-duty engines. The thermophysical properties of DME are similar to those of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) which Klein says helps make it suitable as a replacement for diesel fuel.

Testing has so far shown reductions in emissions such as NOx, says Hardy. Reducing particle numbers in the future for diesel engines will be a challenge he says. FPT’s testing so far has shown DME particle numbers are almost two order of magnitude lower than diesel fuel and from what current legislation in Europe requires.  

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