Visitor numbers double for DEUTZ’s technology center

Cologne-based engine manufacturer offers guided tours by arrangement.

When its headquarters moved to the central development and production site in Cologne-Porz in 2006, DEUTZ AG created a purpose-built museum for the company’s historical exhibits.

Since opening in August 2007, the DEUTZ AG technology centre has become a firm favorite with visitors. Among the items that can be seen there are Nicolaus August Otto’s first engines from 1867 and 1876, which are still in working order.

In 2010 DEUTZ AG drew a record number of engineering enthusiasts to its technology center. There were almost 3,600 visitors and a total of 115 guided tours – double the number of the previous year. In 2009 only 60 tours took place with just under 1,800 participants.

DEUTZ AG has since founded an association to manage the preservation and presentation of this historically significant engine collection, the basis for which was established by the company’s founder Nicolaus August Otto when he bought back the first series engine made by Gasmotorenfabrik Deutz.

The ‘Friends of DEUTZ’s Engine Collection’ always welcomes new members. For information about membership they can call: +49 (0)221 822 2685.

Engineering enthusiasts who would like to visit the DEUTZ AG technology centre can register for a guided tour by calling: +49 (0)221 822 5736.

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