AGCO Sisu Power Announces Product Updates

AGCO Sisu Power has developed a new line of off-road engines as well as begun testing options to meet impending EPA Tier 4/EU Stage 4 emissions regulations.

AGCO Sisu Power (ASP) has stepped up its engine range with the development of a new 16.8 liter engine with rated power of 522 kW. It is the largest engine in the Finnish manufacturer’s diesel engine family and is currently in testing with expected production to begin in 2013.

The first applications for the new 16.8 liter engine will be in AGCO’s largest ag machinery, but the company says it also plans to offer the engine for external OEM sales. ASP expects to sell the engine as Tier 4 Final compliant from the start of production.

AGCO Sisu Power Tier 4 Final/Stage 4 technology update

For its full engine line, ASP is currently testing options to meet Tier 4 Final, which would require further developed selective catalytic reduction (SCR) with high NOx conversion efficiency. In the higher end of the current power class cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is also needed for NOx reduction, but the target is to keep exhaust to be circulated at a minimum in order to minimize requirement to increase the cooling capacity. ASP will also avoid the use of a diesel particulate filter in its Tier 4 Final engines.