KAMAZ signs agreement to expand number of natural gas buses in Russia

KAMAZ has signed an agreement with the Government of Bryansk Oblast to upgrade vehicles in the region to those which meet higher emissions standards and are powered by natural gas engines.


KAMAZ and the Government of Bryansk Oblast signed an agreement on cooperation in the use of natural gas as a motor fuel.

The purpose of cooperation is to introduce new technologies and international standards aimed at higher road safety and environmental protection, a comfortable and safe environment for both passengers and drivers. The agreement is signed to replace Euro 1, 2 and 3 vehicles for Euro 4 and 5 ones, as well as to increase the number of vehicles with environmentally friendly gas engines in Bryansk Oblast. The agreement was signed by Sergey Kogogin, General Director of OJSC KAMAZ, and Aleksandr Bogomaz, Acting Governor, Chairman of the Government of Bryansk Oblast.

Previously, KAMAZ concluded similar agreements on cooperation in different fields with various regions of Russia: they focused on a wider use of CNG vehicles in regions, the developed infrastructure for sustainable and effective operation of organizations using CNG vehicles, promotion of NGVs. The use of natural gas as a motor fuel has many socio-economic advantages and reduces environmental costs.