Navistar Adds MaxxForce 15 To Lineup

With the addition of MaxxForce 15, Navistar features a broad line-up of integrated truck-engine offerings

At the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY, Navistar, Inc. unveiled a production 2012 International ProStar+ with the all-new MaxxForce 15. With the addition of the MaxxForce 15, Navistar is the first fully integrated commercial truck and engine manufacturer in North America with its own line of proprietary engines in Class 4-8 commercial vehicle classes.

“Today, I’m proud to say that we’ve answered the questions and delivered on our commitments to our customers,” says Jack Allen, president, North American Truck Group, Navistar. “We’ve secured more than 60,000 orders to date.”

Beyond even its most recent product launches, Navistar has transformed itself in recent years with a continuous focus on listening and responding to its customers.

“We are a different company. We now have a full-line-up of proprietary big bore engines and the most comprehensive line-up of fully integrated trucks and engines in the industry,” Allen adds. “We’ve grown into new markets, new geographies and we have great momentum to continue that growth into the future.”

Fluid Economy

Last summer, Navistar introduced “fluid economy” to the industry—a new, more accurate measure to gauge the true operational costs associated with the competing emissions technologies. Through independent, third-party, industry-accepted testing methodologies, the International ProStar+ with MaxxForce Advanced EGR consistently outperformed competitors with liquid-urea SCR by nearly 1% to 2.5%.

All-New Class 4/5 International TerraStar and TerraStar 4x4

Launched last year, the International TerraStar gave work truck buyers a product with a wide range of commercial duty features. Now, with a 4x4 option, the TerraStar is poised to reach a broader range of customers with more severe demands.

Product Development

Navistar has been listening to customer needs to develop new products. With on-highway customers seeking increased fuel efficiency and enhanced driver comfort features, Navistar introduced the International ProStar and ProStar+, as well as the International LoneStar—Class 8 trucks that have helped with fuel efficiency and driver appeal.

The company employed the knowledge of its commercial vehicle line-up to become a supplier of mind-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) military vehicles to the U.S. Armed Forces.

Navistar’s integration of leveraging its own assets, and those that others have built, helped as the company entered the RV business with the acquisition of Monaco RV. Listening and learning from customers, the company discovered that increased fuel efficiency and driver appeal could create a unique opportunity in this space as well. As a result, Navistar leveraged its expertise in aerodynamics and ergonomics and integrated its engine developments, helping create new and differentiated products.

The addition of Continental Mixers enabled Navistar to utilize its knowledge of the severe service industry to create an integrated solution and provide customers with vehicle performance and customer-friendly emissions solutions.

Global Markets

In 2010, Navistar introduced an entire cab-over portfolio of commercial trucks for India through its joint venture with Mahindra & Mahindra. Later in the year, NC2—Navistar’s global joint venture with Caterpillar—introduced the first ever Cat-branded on-highway trucks for Australia. The NC2 joint venture has targeted additional markets in Brazil, Russia, and South Africa.

Navistar is currently pursuing a joint venture agreement with Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd. (JAC) to develop, build and market advanced diesel commercial engines in China. An affiliate of NC2 is also pursuing a joint venture agreement with JAC to develop, build and market advanced commercial vehicles in China. Both joint venture agreements are pending approval by the necessary Chinese Government authorities.

“In some of the more challenging times for our industry, Navistar has continued to listen closely to its customers and apply a differentiated way of thinking to bring to market the most customer-friendly products available,” Allen adds. “Over these last several years, we’ve continually made investments to deliver the best products and product support in the industry—but it’s only the start.”