Deutz Sees Increase in Visitors to Engine Museum

Deutz announces its engine museum saw a record number of visitors in 2011 with 4,600 visitors and 177 guided tours.

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DEUTZ AG registered a record number of visitors to its engine museum last year, with some 4,600 visitors and a total of 177 guided tours. The technology center therefore welcomed far more engineering enthusiasts through its doors in 2011 than it had in 2010, when there had been 115 guided tours and almost 3,600 visitors.

Since opening in August 2007, the DEUTZ AG technology center has become a firm favorite with visitors. Among the items that can be seen there are Nicolaus August Otto's first engines from 1867 and 1876, which are still in working order.

When its headquarters moved to the central development and production site in Cologne-Porz in 2006, DEUTZ AG created the technology center as a purpose-built museum for the
company's historical exhibits.