Quantum receives new order within beverage industry for CNG storage systems

Quantum has received an order for its 21-inch tank back-of-cab natural gas storage system from a beverage distributor, a market seeing increased CNG adoption.

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc., a leader in natural gas storage systems, vehicle integration and vehicle system technologies, has announced a new order from a beverage distributor in the Southeast for Quantum's 21-inch tank back-of-cab system for a Peterbilt 337 application. Quantum's storage system product offerings include several back-of-cab configurations ranging from a single tank to a five-tank system design using different diameter tank products.

"We are experiencing increased levels of activity from the beverage industry which has growing demand for CNG systems and particularly different design configurations. We have introduced a full array of system configurations through our own product offerings and in connection with our strategic relationship with Mainstay Fuel Technologies," says Brian Olson, President and CEO of Quantum. "Our ability to commercialize systems and offer customers options that meet their customized needs has been well received in the market."  

Quantum's Q-RailLITE and Q-CabLITE CNG fuel modules are integrated CNG fuel systems for heavy-duty truck applications. The Q-RailLITE product line has been developed to be managed and installed on the traditional open rail-space. The Q-CabLITE product line and the Mainstay module line are both installed behind the cab allowing for a larger and customized capacity of CNG. Each of these modules contain Quantum's proprietary, ultra-light Q-Lite CNG storage cylinders, which further minimizes weight while increasing fuel capacity.