Rolls-Royce Exhibiting Stage V Ready MTU Engines at Agritechnica 2017

Rolls-Royce's Stage V ready MTU engines utilize an SCR system and extra diesel particulate filter to meet the emissions regulations.

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Rolls-Royce will be presenting its range of MTU agricultural engines meeting the off-highway emissions regulations – due to come into force in 2019 – at the Agritechnica agricultural equipment trade fair to be held in Hanover, Germany between November 12 and 18. EU Stage V models of its 6R 1500, 6R 1300 and 4R 1000 engines will be on show at Stand C05 in Hall 16 along with the exhaust gas aftertreatment system they incorporate. Certified MTU Stage V series engines will be available a full six months before the emissions directive comes onto the statute books.

Series 1000 to 1500 engines, which are based on Daimler commercial vehicle engines and have been upgraded for EU Stage V jointly by MTU and Daimler, will be available to ship as early as June 2018. Customers will continue to be able to source the EU Stage IV engines which will be available alongside the new models. Agriculture and forestry vehicles powered by MTU engines include, in particular, combine-harvesters, corn choppers, large tractors, beet harvesters, self-propelled crop sprayers, wood chippers and timber harvesters.

Bernd Krüper, Vice President Industrial Business at MTU, says, “MTU has been putting the engines through their paces in close collaboration with various vehicle manufacturers across a variety of applications since 2015, trialing a total of over 150 engine systems on the ground. We’ve already incorporated a lot of customer ideas into our development program, ensuring everyone involved gets the benefit of these extensive early field trials.”

MTU engines to feature SCR and DPF systems for EU Stage V Abbildung 0 Mtu 6 R 1000 Motorsystem

The new MTU engines meet the new particulate emission limits featured in EU Stage V by means of internal engine enhancements as well as an SCR system and an extra diesel particulate filter. MTU is offering a one-box SCR solution for exhaust gas aftertreatment. This system is both compact and robust as well as being easy to use, install and clean, thus ensuring it complies fully with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers and operators alike.

Power boost for EU Stage V engines

Farmers and operators will benefit directly from this improved design: the power output of the six-cylinder Series 1000 has been increased by 7% to 280 kW, and its torque has been boosted from 1,400-1,550 Nm when compared with the previous EU Stage IV models. The MTU 6R 1000 also boasts 3% less fuel consumption. Also helping ensure economy of operation is the requirement for reducing agent (an aqueous urea solution) which is a mere 5%. The power outputs of the six-cylinder MTU Series 1100 and 1500 engines have also been boosted by 20 kW across the board, meaning they now cover a power range of 240-480 kW and deliver up to 3,100 Nm of torque. The further developed engines will also receive EPA Tier 4 certification, enabling vehicle manufacturers to target both the EU and NAFTA markets, with both regions able to benefit from the product improvements. 

Emission Flex Package from MTU enables vehicles to be deployed across the world Terra Dos T4 40

At Agritechnica, MTU will be presenting an Emission Flex Package enabling customers to operate engines in countries with differing emissions requirements and where fuels have a higher sulfur content. Specially developed engine software enables engines designed for use in conjunction with exhaust gas aftertreatment systems in markets with stringent emissions regulations to be operated without the sophisticated exhaust gas aftertreatment systems in those countries which do not have such stringent regulations. These engines are then no longer permitted to be deployed in countries with strict regulations, and corresponding processes (including removal of emissions labels) are conducted in order to ensure this. “Before doing so, and before selling this solution to our customers (OEMs), an agreement has to be signed saying that the adaptations made to the engines are in keeping with emissions directives that apply in the relevant countries,” explained Bernd Krüper. The Emission Flex Package is offered as a retrofit solution for Series 900, 460 and 500 engines, which are based on Mercedes-Benz classic engines, meeting EU Stage IIIB and Tier 4 interim requirements. It is also available for new engines meeting EU Stage 4 and Tier 4 requirements.