MAN Maintenance-Free Valve Train for Industrial Engines

At Agritechnica 2019, MAN Engines introduced its maintenance-free valve train featuring a hydraulic valve lash adjuster.

Man Vavletrain

MAN Engines is launching a maintenance-free valve train for industrial engines.

  • Features hydraulic valve lash adjuster which makes regular checking and adjustment of the valve train unnecessary
  • Eliminates routine maintenance intervals and costs
  • Balancing of valve clearance is carried out automatically by means of a hydraulic element on rocker arm
  • Hydraulic valve lash adjuster replaces adjusting screws with which the valve clearance was previously adjusted manually, and ensures valve timing corresponds to optimum design timing of the engine
  • Ensuring correct valve timing guarantees low and constant exhaust and consumption figures over entire product lifecycle
  • Noise emissions due to valve clearance are prevented, resulting in smoother engine operation 
  • Elimination of disassembly and maintenance work prevents transfer of deposits and dirt into the engine
  • Frees up space above the cylinder head to be used more efficiently 

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