HFW: Hydraulic Fly Wheel System

The HFW from Bosch Rexroth is a hydraulic start-stop system designed to help heavy-duty machinery operate more efficiently by capturing and storing energy for later use.

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Bosch Rexroth introduces its hydraulic fly wheel system (HFW), a hydraulic start-stop solution for construction machinery. Together with hydrostatic drives and hybrid solutions, the system makes it possible to meet Tier 4 emissions standards.

  • Always operates in the open circuit
  • Comprised of Rexroth components (axial piston pump, control block, hydraulic accumulator, and control unit)
  • Connects to the travel drive or working hydraulics via basic machinery components such as a tank, filter and cooling system
  • Briefly gathers energy and makes it available to the machine later on as needed
  • Applies energy in a more efficient manner
  • Axial piston unit picks up torque at combustion engine shaft to generate hydraulic oil flow which is then fed to an accumulator, where pressure and the stored energy increases as needed
  • When accumulator is unloaded, axial piston unit serves as a hydraulic motor and converts oil flow back into energy for the combustion engine shaft
  • Electronics assess whether enough pressure is available to restart the diesel aggregate once it has been switched off
  • Immediately restarts diesel engine with energy stored earlier on if travel drive or work hydraulics require energy
  • Engine speed needed for travel and working functions is reached instantaneously with no time lag
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