Full-Torque Nut Couplings

Gates Corp.'s Full-Torque Nut couplings address nut cracking, seat damage, leaks, corrosion and premature coupling failure.

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Gates Full-Torque Nut hydraulic coupling eliminates nut cracking, seat damage leaks, premature coupling failure and corrosion. The design features increase productivity and equipment uptime by eliminating damaged couplings and leaks due to over-torquing during installation.

  • Stronger than staked-nut couplings, prone to cracking when over-tightened
  • Built with Gates TuffCoat plating to reduce rust degradation, contamination, premature failure
  • Available on Gates MegaCrimp couplings (wire-braid hoses) and GlobalSpiral couplings (spiral-wire hoses)


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