AKG AP Series for Industrial Hydraulics

AKG's AP Series hydraulic cooling system keeps hydraulic oil at a constant temperature for predictable machine operation.

Ap Series Product 2
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AKG Thermal Systems (AKGTS), a branch of the AKG Group, launches its latest product for the industrial hydraulics market, the AP Series or Kinetic Tube Series. 

  • Applications include gear boxes, hydraulic installations, hydraulic presses, industrial machinery and more 
  • Maintains reservoir at consistent temperature to keep oil at consistent viscosity for predictable machine operation
  • Filtration and cleanliness of oil allows consistent flow to heat exchangers, eliminating potential surges 
  • Pump/motor group circulates fluid out from hydraulic reservoir, through a filter, into heat exchanger and then back into the tank
  • Steady flow of fluid from dedicated pump prevents issues related to backpressure or pressure spikes 
  • Includes low micron and high in efficiency filter
  • Features improved pump suitable for ISO VG32 – ISO320 and 50/50 water glycol
  • Web-based selection software program aids selection of correct product for application

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