PIRTEK Awarded Hose Overhaul

PIRTEK Commerce South was awarded the job of providing a complete hose overhaul on a marine spill response barge.

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Take care of your customers and your customers will take care of you. Al Larson Boat Shop rebuilds, restores, and repairs all types of sea craft, but when it comes to hydraulic work they always call PIRTEK. A marine spill response barge needed a complete hose overhaul. The barge is a storage vessel with skimmers that can be launched to contain and remove contaminants from the water.  

PIRTEK Commerce South went to San Pedro, CA to replace 240 hoses, adaptors, quick disconnects, and gauges on the barge, which included two on-board cranes. All of the exposed hose ends were wrapped with Densyl Tape, and the hydraulic threads were sealed with Loctite. The hoses on deck were all fitted with PIRTEK protective hose sleeves. Plastic caps and plugs were used to ensure against any open ports. After assembly of all the hoses, they were cleaned for contaminants. Finally, 720 gallons of hydraulic fluid were removed and replaced, as well as all the filters.

The customer was very happy with the work provided by PIRTEK Commerce South. They completed the job in 205 hours with 5 team members including Justin Madrid, Mike Metzdorff, Heliodoro Huerta, Robert Andrade, and Gil Moyers.