ContiTech displaying hose and vibration control technologies at Agritechnica

Eco-friendly hoses and vibration control technologies are among the products ContiTech displayed at Agritechnica 2013.

Eco-friendly hoses
Eco-friendly hoses

At its shared booth with the Continental business unit Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket (CVAM), ContiTech showcased efficient and eco-friendly products for the agricultural industry.

The global population is growing, and ensuring the supply of food on all continents is among the most pressing issues of the future. For this reason, modern high-tech systems - both mobile and stationary -  and agricultural machines that are efficient, easy on resources, and eco-friendly are becoming increasingly important in the agricultural industry. "We are aware of the significance of this pioneering sector," explains Heinz-Gerhard Wente, chairman of the Executive Board at ContiTech AG, Hanover. "Agricultural technology plays an important role on all continents. We make a sustainable contribution with our products, providing the expertise required by the sector in research and development in all important markets."

Many machine and plant manufacturers place their trust in the extensive expertise of ContiTech. The reason: ContiTech's business units offer customized solutions that are maintenance-free and reliable. The ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group has an extensive product portfolio of agricultural belts. The conveyor belt specialist has expanded its range in particular to include belting for harvesters, chaff-cutters and combine harvesters. The portfolio also includes heavy-duty round-bale compressor belts for compressing round straw and hay bales.

Eco-friendly hose technology

As a hose specialist supplying original equipment for agricultural machines, the Fluid Technology business unit will present itself at the Agritechnica with an especially eco-friendly hose technology: SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction). In the development of modern diesel engines, producers must comply with ever-stricter emission standards. SCR technology is based on a procedure that uses a urea solution to purify exhaust gas so that hazardous nitrogen oxides are converted into harmless water vapor and natural nitrogen. Heatable high-performance hoses from the Fluid Technology unit guarantee the safe transport of the urea solution AdBlue.

Concentrated vibration control expertise for agriculture

At the Agritechnica, ContiTech Vibration Control showcased customized vibration-control innovations, such as the hydraulic absorber. Absorbers can selectively reduce vibrations. The hydraulic absorbers have an integrated fluid system. This allows suspension spring properties and damping behavior to be optimized independently of each other. ContiTech Vibration Control showcased bushings and active bearing systems as well. Bushings are used in agricultural machines to allow rotating movements and isolate undesired vibrations. Active bearing systems, on the other hand, compensate for vibrations by means of targeted counter-vibrations.

Low-maintenance and very hard-wearing: Air actuators for feed machines

Whenever good spring suspension is required for vehicle cabs in tractors or field choppers and for seats, ContiTech Air Spring Systems is the perfect partner. This business unit develops and produces air springs for mobile agricultural machinery and equipment. However, the competence of Air Spring Systems is also in demand for stationary grain and feed transport and distribution machines. Here too, ContiTech air actuators are used. As they are operated with compressed air, they do not contaminate food. Moreover, they are corrosion-free, frictionless, very hard-wearing and low-maintenance. If forces exceeding 100 kN are required, XXL actuators with a diameter of up to 570 mm are the ideal solution. Tilt angles of up to 30 degrees are now also possible with the large C types.

A wide product range

The Power Transmission Group supplies high-tech drive belts for agricultural machinery. And Continental business unit CVAM contributes to driving safety and comfort with its innovative instrumentation and sensor system solutions.