Parker Lightraulics Composite Hydraulic Cylinders and Piston Accumulators

Lightraulic Cylinder
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Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has developed a new generation of lightweight hydraulic actuators and piston accumulators to fulfill the increasing demand on high performance hydraulic components. Through a combination of lightweight materials with innovative manufacturing techniques, Parker Hannifin has created a range of high performance hydraulic cylinders and accumulators which offer exceptional benefits in a range of applications.

Lightraulics hydraulic cylinders, made from carbon fiber composites and high performance lightweight alloys, typically weigh less than 60% of the weight of a comparable steel cylinder. In comparison to a similar steel component, a Lightraulics composite piston accumulator equivalent can be up to 80% lighter.

Lightweight composite materials offer revolutionary benefits for the machine designer, manufacturer and end user. With exceptional strength and stiffness relative to their weight, superior fatigue life compared to metal components, high corrosion and chemical resistance, carbon fiber composites allow designs and structures which, only a few years ago, would have seemed impossible.

The newest generation of Parker‘s Lightraulics composite cylinders uses a fully composite barrel instead of a metal liner and therefore maximizes the use of composites’ outstanding properties. This has benefits for many applications in which weight is a critical factor, including oil & gas, military, marine, aerospace and others.

Parker’s Lightraulics cylinders are available for bore sizes up to 7.9 in.  (200 millimeters) and operating pressures up to 5500 PSI (380 bar). Piston accumulators in the same design can be realized for volumes up to 13.2 gal (50 liters). Futhermore, Parker’s Lightraulics products can be requested in custom designs for individual applications.

The use of these light weight, high performance cylinders in, for example, offshore systems, does not only lead to weight savings and higher payloads but also provides high corrosion resistance and therefore prevents cost and time effective maintenance works. In military applications, the low thermal expansion, corrosion resistance and non-magnetic nature of composite materials offers creative solutions for system designers. In subsea systems and marine applications, the usage of carbon fiber composite cylinders leads to longer product lives and higher productivity due to increased payload capacity and superior corrosion resistance.

Additionally, Parker is offering solutions for special applications, such as Lightraulics Hollow-Piston and Heavy Duty Tool Cylinders. These very reliable products are used in rough environments for more than 18 years – operating with a thin-walled metal liner. They resist forces up to 500 tons and operating pressures up to 10,150 PSI (700 bar).

Parker’s composite hydraulic cylinder and accumulator tubes are manufactured using production technologies which permit a high degree of customization. Thus, Parker can offer tailored solutions specially designed for the application’s requirements.