Eaton DuraForce pumps help power Terramac RT9 rubber-tracked crawlers through rough terrain

Eaton's DuraForce tandem HPV075 piston pumps and L2 Series two-section gear pumps are being used in the Terramac RT9 rubber-tracked crawlers, enabling them to maneuver through rough terrain.

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Power management company Eaton announces that its DuraForce tandem HPV075 piston pumps and L2 Series, two-section gear pumps are helping Terramac RT9 rubber-tracked crawlers navigate the rugged terrains found in oil and gas drilling or mining operations. The customized pumps provide speed and maneuverability to these multi-function crawler carriers.

As part of the project, Eaton worked with Motion Canada’s equipment build facility in North Bay, Ontario, to ensure monthly deliveries of the custom tandem pumps met the production schedule of the crawler.  

Eaton and Motion Canada’s efforts have helped develop, produce and streamline the delivery of our RT9 crawler carriers,” says Mike Crimaldi, Owner, Terramac. “The DuraForce pumps met our key design criteria, combining smooth operation and high pressure capability in a compact package.”

Terramac has shipped over 150 RT9 crawler carriers so far, with a clean quality track record and positive feedback from the field.

“We are dedicated to understanding our customers' needs, and working creatively to solve their challenges,” says Vince Duray, Product Manager, Eaton. “Together with Motion Canada, Eaton’s DuraForce technology helped Terramac build the market-changing RT9 crawler carrier.”


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