AMETEK Windjammer PRO Brushless Blowers

AMETEK's Windjammer PRO Brushless Blowers include Universal Voltage Common Performance (UVCP) that allows the same performance whether 120V AC or 240V AC inputs are used.

Windjammer Pro Series

The Windjammer PRO Series from AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) is one of the most powerful blowers for high-flow applications.

  • Able to apply multiple performance profiles to blower depending on application requirements
  • Universal Voltage Common Performance (UVCP) allows achievement of same performance whether 120V AC or 240V AC inputs are used
  • Achieves greater efficiency and greater air flow compared to competitive models
  • Features innovative cooling chamber that provides for lower operating temperature, prolonging lifespan
  • Incorporates proprietary technology that reduces noise output
  • Redesigned motor enclosure and improved air and noise channeling makes for one of the quietest high-flow designs available
  • Virtually maintenance free and suitable for wide array of air-moving applications, including fume evacuation and material handling
  • Shaft and bearing assembly redesigns extend the life of bearings and sensitive electronic modules
  • Improved sealing prevents contaminants from reaching bearings, further extending their life
  • Next-generation controller software adds improved flexibility
  • Custom speed and acceleration profiles, overcurrent safety limits, and error logging are among latest software enhancements available
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