AKG HCU35 Hydraulic Conditioning Unit

AKG Thermal Systems' hydraulic conditioning unit cools, stores and filters hydraulic oil.

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AKG Thermal Systems Inc. has developed a Hydraulic Conditioning Unit (HCU35) that can install on truck frame rails.

  • Fits tight spaces and conveniently mounts on the frame rail
  • Engineered to condition and cool oil for a wide variety of transport applications
  • Cools, stores and filters hydraulic oil
  • Eliminates need for large reservoirs that store excess oil, offering considerable weight savings to the vehicle for improved fuel efficiency 
  • Three fan motor drive options available to provide flexibility to the market
  • Provides rapid de-aeration with flows up to 38 gpm
  • Prevents cavitation in hydraulic system, leading to increased efficiency and life expectancy 
  • Tested to military standards for 228,000 miles with no vibration isolators, ensuring rugged design
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