Two-Way Flow-Control Cartridge Valves

Bucher Hydraulics introduces two additional sizes of its two-way flow-control cartridge valves.

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To complement an already wide selection of flow-control valves, Bucher Hydraulics is extending its product range with two sizes of two-way flow-control cartridges. These high performance, load compensated screw-in cartridges are available with G 1/4 in. (size 1) and M42x2 (size 16) mounting threads.

  • Use of a fixed orifice keeps the flow rate to an actuator constant regardless of load changes
  • Load compensation is acheived by the pressure-compensator piston, which maintains the pressure drop across the fixed orifice at a constant level
  • Can be supplied with various fixed orifices for optimum integration in the system
  • Using the adjustable pressure-compensator spring on the size 16 cartridge allows the required flow rate to be adjusted directly at the system
  • Provides load-independent flow rate
  • Offers reliable operation over the whole pressure and flow range, even with high pressure differentials
  • Provides good stability in systems susceptible to oscillations
  • Features good repeatability control of loads
  • Offers minimal wear and long service life
  • Provides responsive and controlled movements
  • High stability enables easy system integration
  • Maintains constant flow rates in meter-in or meter-out flow-control systems under conditions of varying pressure
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