HSPEC Multi-Function Cartridge Valves

The HydroForce HSPEC multi-function cartidge valves combine an electro-hydraulic flow control valve with integral pressure compensation.

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HydraForce introduces its HSPEC multi-function cartridge valves which combine an electro-hydraulic flow control valve with integral pressure compensation.

  • Enables more compact circuit designs without compromising on power and performance
  • One model features post-pressure compensating element that enables flow sharing, while the other features a load-holding compensator that is well suited for stable lifting and lowering operations
  • Both models are available in three flow ranges that can satisfy flow demands from 0 to 32 lpm (9 gpm), 0 to 70 lpm (18 gpm) and 0 to 120 lpm (35 gpm)
  • HSPEC-30 valve combines electro-proportional flow control valve, post-pressure compensated logic element, and load sense check valve into a single cavity
  • Helps minimize size of manifolds, giving machine designers the freedom and flexibility to locate manifold where it makes the most sense
  • Enables “tune-able” directional control circuits in a way that cannot be accomplished with traditional options
  • HSPEC-30 available in three sizes
  • Mixing and matching of cartridges with different flow ratings allows directional control circuits to yield significant improvements in system response, flow control and metering resolution  
  • Cartridge valves offer benefit of faster serviceability as well as minimized loss of hydraulic fluid and introduction of contaminants
  • HSPEC-30 valve is well suited for use as a flow-sharing directional control circuit, providing independent control of meter-in and meter-out flow logic, and higher level of performance
  • HSPEC-34 replaces three valves as it combines functionality of an electro-proportional flow control valve, a pressure compensating logic element, and a load-holding valve
  • Provides superior load-holding characteristics, while allowing for precise and stable flow control
  • Well suited for boom control circuits that benefit from the ability to selectively choose between power-down and gravity-assisted lowering
  • HSPEC-34 uses boom's structurally induced load pressure to harness the natural force of gravity and provide smooth and stable lowering
  • Can provide up to 22% increase in fuel efficiency when using gravity-lower circuit over a conventional power-down/counter-balance valve-equipped boom control circuit
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